Welding Safety


Welding Clamps

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StrongHand 4 in 1 Clamps

Welding Safety

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Auto-Darkening Helmets & Spares
Glear/Shade Lenses to suit all Types of Helmets
Handshields & Faceshield
Helmets & Faceshield Parts
Safety Specs (Clear, Smoke or Blue Mirror)
Welding Curtains (Red or Green)
Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs, Disposable respirators...
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Leather & Proban Products

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Welding Gloves, Rigger Gloves, Glove Savers
Leather Welder Jackets. Aprons, Spatts, Cap & Sleeves
Proban Welders Jackets & Hoods
Leather Cable Covers
Welding Blankets
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Welding Accessories

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Earth Clamps & Booster Clamps
Electrode Holders
Cable Connectors, Joiners & Lugs
Welding Cable
Welders Aid & Tools (Nozzle Reamer, Nozzle Cleaners, MIG Pliers, Magnetic Squares, Chipper Hammers, Wire Brushers etc...
Electrode Drying Ovens
Engineers Chalk
Gouging Torches & Spares
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Gas Safety Products

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Hose & Hose Sets (TWIN OXY/ACET, SINGLE)
Flashback Arrestors OXYGEN/FUEL GAS
Quick Release Coupling (Torch Mount/Regulator Mount)
Gas Equipment Accessories
Handles, Attachments & Torches
Gas Regulators & Flow Meters (ACETYLENE, OXYGEN, LPG...) & Spare Parts
Cutting Tips OXY-ACET & OXY_LPG
Gouging Tips OXY-ACET & OXY_LPG
Brazing Tips OXY-ACET & OXY_LPG
Heating Tips OXY-ACET & OXY_LPG
Hose Fittings
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